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WS4ED is an online learning platform created to bridge the learning gap created by covid-19. This learning gap is caused by the separation of students from their natural learning environments which are the school buildings. With the absence of physical contact, we decided to create WS4ED which provides a convenient online learning environment with all the features we normally would have in a normal classroom setting.

WS4ED features many varied forms of educational material. With multi media units that range from videos, audios, pdfs to images, students have the added advantage of learning using different types of lesson notes from more than one tutor. 


WS4ED has groups and forums where tutors and students can participate in academic related topics moderated by tutors. The groups and forums provide an online classroom simulation where students and tutors can comfortable relate on academic topics like they would in a physical classroom.

WS4ED provides motivational badges and certificates rewarding students who perform brilliantly on the platform.

WS4ED has thousands of quizzes used to test students in-between lessons to help them grab the lesson in a better and easier way. The quizzes are spread in all the lessons on WS4ED. Each lesson has related quizzes which must be answered before lessons continue.

WS4ED has academic material for all the academic levels in Cameroon. From GCE ORDINARY LEVEL, ADVANCED LEVEL TO PROBATOIRE and BACCALAUREATE. Students register by selecting their classes and pay a small subscription fee which is used to motivate the tutors who provide tutoring on the WS4ED platform.





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