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One App for eLearning – Web or Mobile

The Personal Teacher for Every Students


Live Online Classes, Video Lessons and Personalised Support for Primary & Secondary School Learners.

Huge savings of Time and Money. The WPLMS PWA plays equally good on
Mobile, Desktop, Tablets, and TV’s.

Attend Daily Live Classes.

Join our online classes led by expert Tutors and learn different concepts in Science, Mathematics and English Language. Interact with tutors, ask questions, compete in quizzes and learn with other students from all around the world.

Ask a Question and Get Instant Solutions.

Get real time answers to whatever questions you have from subject matter experts.

Test Yourself with Practice Questions.

Get access to over 18,000 interactive tests, quizzes and exams with solutions.

Get Detailed Weekly Report Cards

Monitor your child’s learning progress closely with detailed weekly reports. Get notified via SMS/WhatsApp

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Get the Best Online
Learning App and Achieve
Better School Grades.

Start Your Journey of Academic Excellence Today

Mobile first design

The version 4 is built with mobile centeric design pattern and the latest Progressive web app technology.

Course pursue screen for students
Course creation module for Instructors

Get unlimited access to our courses.

Get instant access to over 2500 online courses.
Join 560,000 Students enrolled in the site.

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Vast Library of Video Lessons, Quizzes, and Exams

What we learn with pleasure, we never forget. With thousands of recorded videos richly animated and covering every topic, learning is both effective and fun at the same time.

What out Customers say about us

Excellence speaks for itself. Coporates, Students, Instructors and Academy.

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